Water Damage – The Benefits of Advanced Drying Techniques

Water Damage     (Water Damage, Beaverton, OR) Whenever property is damaged by water, it is essential to dry that property and all contents as quickly and effectively as possible.  In the past, restoration Contractors had few options available to them when performing water damage restoration.  Equipment was limited in its availability, variety, efficiency, and effectiveness.  Mitigating […]

Multiple Level Water Damage

Today’s Homes more sensitive to Water damage Vancouver, WA and Mold Damage Vancouver, WA. Today’s homes are being constructed to be as energy efficient as possible subjecting them to certain risks pertaining to water damage Vancouver, WA) and mold damage Vancouver, WA. That means that they are very tight. When water enters this environment and […]

Helpful Plumbing Tips 1 of 1

Here is some helpful info for those who are doing some of their own plumbing improvements.  Always remember, these are helpful hints and not necessarily the fix to correct your water flow issues. Please contact me if this sounds like a similar situation in your home. —  Sediment Clogging Faucets — Have you had the […]


Proper training is the key. Every water damage situation is different. There are varying circumstances that determine whether the carpet can or should be saved. Its age, condition, the type of installation and quality of material are all factors that need to be considered. The goal of a restoration contractor is to save, do the […]