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Course Description:  Structural Drying of Water Damaged Homes
.      Course #: A.03.25.6283 (Oregon)     354585 (Washington)   –   Credits: 3.0

Date:  September 11,  2014  Time: 1–4 pm
(Lunch from 12pm to 1pm  –  Compliments of PuroClean)

John’s Incredible Pizza
9180 SW Hall Blvd
Beaverton, OR 97223

Course Description

1. Definition of structural drying
2. Importance of the term “dry standard”
3. How water moves through a structure
4. How water vapor affects structural materials
5. How water and vapor are tested and measured
6. Terms relevant to drying
7. How drying occurs
8. The three fundamentals of drying
9. Effects of liquid water on specific structural materials
10. Importance of Psychometrics in structural drying

A licensee should be able to apply the knowledge learned in this course to:

Understand a Policyholders concern about water damage and how it has affected their home structurally.

Reassure Policyholders that their home can be successfully and fully dried so that mold does not develop.

Understand the effects of incomplete or inadequate drying if not professionally evaluated and mitigated.

Understand the severity of structural water intrusion and the steps and procedures necessary to satisfactory dry wet materials back to the dry standard.