Helpful Plumbing Tips 1 of 1

Here is some helpful info for those who are doing some of their own plumbing improvements.  Always remember, these are helpful hints and not necessarily the fix to correct your water flow issues.

Please contact me if this sounds like a similar situation in your home.

—  Sediment Clogging Faucets —

Have you had the need to do a plumbing repair that caused you to turn off the water in the house?

People have had this problem and as they turned the water back on, all of a sudden water is restricted or stops flowing out of certain faucets or fixtures.

Sediment in the pipes is broken loose when you turn on the water at the main valve. This sediment then clogs the small ports in faucet cartridges, the flow restrictors in shower heads and faucet aerators.

You can minimize these issues by SLOWLY turning the water back on making sure ALL hose bibs are open on the outside of your home.

This way some or most of the sediment is ejected out of these faucets. This trick works most of the time. Remember; open the main valve VERY slowly to minimize the hard rush of water through your pipes.

Remember to unscrew all faucet aerators before you run water out of the faucets. Flush the lines, then re-install the aerators.