And You Thought if was just a Fire 1 of 6

Restoration of smoke damage and fire damage is a very challenging trade. Every job is unique in that each possesses distinct characteristics and challenges. For starters, each aspect of a fire creates a broad spectrum of variables that tests even the best of mitigation companies, including:

  • the source of the fire
  • the intensity of the heat
  • the combustion rate
  • the physical design and arrangement of the structure

When a fire breaks out, it immediately begins to change the environment of the structure. When the fire has sufficient fuel and has an adequate air supply, it consumes materials as it burns. The more flammable the fuel source, the more complete the consumption of the fire. Products of Incomplete Combustion (PICs) are how professionals refer to the soot, residues, and remains of materials that could not be completely consumed by the fire. How much soot, how far it spread and how deeply it has penetrated is controlled by a number of factors.

When experiencing smoke damage or fire damage, contact PuroClean, a professional mitigation company to do fire clean up and soot removal.