Furnace Puffbacks

“Furnace puff-back” is talking about the explosion of soot shooting out into the home. This is due to malfunction in the fire chamber. A furnace is made to join fuel and oxygen in a balanced mix that causes control combustion. When the rate of that is slowed but the fuel is still being injected sudden […]

And You Thought it was Just a Fire 4 of 6

CIRCULATION during a fire is one of the most interesting aspects. “Heat” moves toward “cold.” As areas begin to increase in temperature, they seek out cooler rooms and spaces. Heat is moving toward lower temperatures and seeking atmospheric equilibrium. Even if the heating and air conditioning system is not operating, the smoke/soot will still travel […]

And You Thought if was just a Fire 1 of 6

Restoration of smoke damage and fire damage is a very challenging trade. Every job is unique in that each possesses distinct characteristics and challenges. For starters, each aspect of a fire creates a broad spectrum of variables that tests even the best of mitigation companies, including: the source of the fire the intensity of the […]