Helpful Plumbing Tips 1 of 1

Here is some helpful info for those who are doing some of their own plumbing improvements.  Always remember, these are helpful hints and not necessarily the fix to correct your water flow issues. Please contact me if this sounds like a similar situation in your home. —  Sediment Clogging Faucets — Have you had the […]

Drying Inside the Wall- 2 of 3

Another common impediment to drying is insulation. A wall may contain fiberglass (with or without backing material), spray foam, or blown-in insulation. Each of these materials presents its own special needs in the drying process. Blown-in fiberglass or cellulose insulation can compact and move down the wall cavity when it becomes wet. After compression occurs, […]

Drying Inside the Wall- 1 of 3

Water intrusion and plumbing leaks can leave property owners with wet walls – and insurance professionals with claims. A key question arises: is it necessary to remove the wall? Traditionally, restoration practices called for the complete removal and replacement of wet drywall or other wet materials from walls. Today’s technology, however, allows restoration professionals many […]

Drying Walls 1 of 4

When water damage occurs in a home, not only are the floors affected, but often the walls are as well. Sometimes the property damage is obvious, but in many cases it is hidden and may be missed by those not specifically trained in water restoration.  Drying walls typically requires a professional. For the restoration professional, […]